Welcome to the tutorial page. On the left hand side is a list of all our tutorials. If you wish to request a tutorial please contact us using the contact link above. Unless otherwise stated, these tutorials are done in PSP 7. The methods may not be the same in other programs, however the tools are usually the same. Enjoy and I hope this helps.

These tutorials were created to help aspiring horse artists, or even hobbyists get out of a creative rut. Tutorials range from digital to traditional, and come in different breeds and colors. Most of the art in these tutorials can be seen in the Digital Art Work section as well as the Coloring Book.

Steps to take before you get started:
  • Download or open Paint Shop Pro.
  • Locate a line art from the Coloring Book section above.
  • Make sure you download the PSD file. This file will be in layers.
  • If you are using a different line art, it MUST be transparent and you must use layers.
  • If your line art is not transparent, or there is something you don’t understand, please consult the universal language dictionary.

Guides by JNFerrigno
The tutorials below were created for this site by JNFerrigno for fellow aspiring artists.
Draw the Muscle Structure
Draw Horse Legs
Draw Manes and Tails
Draw a Horse Head
Draw a Tennessee Walker
Draw a Stock Horse
Draw a Reining Horse
Draw a Warmblood

Traditional Guides
Dapples in Colored Pencil
Hair in Colored Pencil

Digital Guides
Grulla, Full Body Detail Vs. 1
Grulla, Quicky Vs. 2
Grulla, Paint Vs. 3
Bay, Dappled in PSP
Bay, Standard in PSP
Bay, Light in PSP
Palomino in PSP
Blue Roan,  Dark in PSP
Blue Roan, Light in PSP
Coloring in PSP
Coloring in MS Paint

Chestnut, Flaxen in PSP
Grey, Dapple in PSP
Making a Pixel in MS Paint
Dapples in PSP
Shadows in PSP
Highlights in PSP
Black in PSP
Palomino in PSP
Inking in MS Paint
Swatch Making in MS Paint
How to Make Backgrounds Vs. 1
How to Make Backgrounds Vs. 2
How to Make Backgrounds Vs. 3
How to Make Backgrounds Vs. 4

Guides by Others
These tutorials can be found publically in the Deviant Art gallery, online, or submitted by members of VHR.

Breed Specific
"How to Color a Friesian in Colored Pencil" by JNFerrigno
"How To Color an Arabian in Prisma Markers" by JNFerrigno

General Horse
"Drawing the Horse" by Cedarseed
"Body Propotions" by Vixentheangryfox
"Gradient Shading in Photoshop" by Ilyana88
"Coloring in Photoshop Elements" by Stableblondie
"Adobe Photoshop Coloring Tutorial" by 0paperwings0
"MS Paint Tutorial" by ludicrouslouisa
"Coloring in Paint Shop Prop XI" by lovedagoldens

"Strawberry roans in Color Pencil" by JNFerrigno
"Coloring a Bay in Colored Pencils" by LindaColijn
"Chestnut horse in Photoshop" by Kobbi
"Equine Dappeling" by Lovedagoldens

Horse Eye
"Eye Basics" by Vixentheangryfox
"Horse Eye Tutorial" by SheWolfGeo

Mane and Tail
"Horse Mane in Photoshop" by RAGNAponik
"Mane and Tail" by SheWolfGeo
"Main and Tail" by QueenofGoldfinches
"Tail Tutorial" by Aomori

"How to Ink Line arts on Photoshop" by Ilyana88
"How To: Digitally Ink" (in Photoshop) by rheall
"Cutting with the Pen tool in Photo Shop" by Delshay
"How to make Hoof Prints" by JNFerrigno