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Updated 1/23/11

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Welcome to the free online coloring book hosted by JF Studios. These line arts were originally created for VirtualHorseRanch.com, but since then our viewing public has vastly expanded.

Can I print these at home?
The original intention of the coloring book, was to prevent photo theft and encourage creativity. Aside from approved SIM game use, JF Studios is allowing these images to be printed at home or by instructors and colored for fun and/or educational activities. They are however, not to be printed for any other reason then coloring.

Can I print these on apparel like shirts?
No you may not, they were free to use for coloring and education only, and not for profit. You may however message the artist and request a comission which may be used on apparel.

Can't make the background transparent?
As of October 2008, these line arts will only be available in PNG format unless layers are necessary. If you are using a program which allows layers, it is very simple to make the line art transparent by setting the layer option to Multiply.

The Do's and Do Not's
There are some rules to go over before you may use these line arts. Please read the following before continuing.
  • User agrees to keep artist copy right/signature on art work (signature may be moved around if needed. When ever possible signature should always be visible. If there is a visability issue please contact artist before hand) (Updated 1/23/11).
  • When hosting in online galleries like DeviantArt, if you are able to include text in your submission please credit jf-studios.com or JNFerrigno with a link back to my DeviantArt account (Updated 1/23/11).
  • Images are not to be used for monetary gain. Trading items of Cash Value like Account Upgrades and Goodies is considered monetary gain. For DeviantArt members this also includes Points (Updated 1/23/11).
  • Images can be used for play cash gain, for approved games only (see list below Updated 12/2/09)
  • Images are not allowed to be hosted on any online game that requires the signature to be removed. That means no images are allowed to be seen on Howrse.com
  • No images may be used in a public art stock database for SIM games. All SIM games that allow this will be personally held responsible for any fees if this rule is broken. JF Studios now provides Art Stock free of use. The same TOS apply. 
  • Art work can be modified in the following ways: removing or adding of the horses gender, adding ribbons/tack/people. The artwork can also be flipped around from left to right, however individual parts of the line art may not be changed, like hooves, manes, and body lines unless given expressed premission.
  • Line arts are not to be linked or downloaded from any other sites.
  • Line arts can not be traced over.
  • Users can not use filters on line arts to resell for play cash, nor can they resell unaltered line arts that have not been colored. 
  • Text hosted on these pages such as rules, tutorials, and articles, can not be plagiarized (copied) without expressed permission. If you are referencing something for a project, please give proper credit.
  • The following games are the ONLY approved sim games, where players can use my art work. 
    1. VirtualHorseRanch.com
    2. PonyIsland.net
    3. HorseArtRPG
    4. PonyBox.com
    5. Capalls.com
    6. Furry-Paws.com
    7. SpiffyHorse.com
    8. Equiverse.org
    9. HorsePhenomena.com
    10. HorseEden.com
    11. Equidaem.com
  • If you are an owner or creator of a game and wish to use my art work, please message me to work out an arrangement.
  • No one is exempt from any of these rules unless prior consent from the artist is given. If you have any questions please contact for further information.